11. Time of Day & Location Matter

The optimal location can make or break a campaign. With over 22 years of nationwide street team campaigns under our belt, we are more than happy to offer our expertise when it comes to selecting locations and hours for your event, no matter what market.

12. iPads for Surveys and Sign-Ups

iPads are a terrific tool for conducting surveys, sign-ups, demonstrating apps, and playing video clips. Add a credit card reader and we can offer your product for sale on the spot!

13. Set High Standards of Performance

We have experience like no other company when it comes to hiring, training and managing street teams. Our brand ambassadors are an extension of your brand, and we understand the great responsibility that comes with that. You can count on GoGORILLA Media to provide punctual, well-groomed and well-dressed staff that are knowledgeable about your brand.

14. Test the Campaign

Before launching a larger, nationwide campaign, it is sometimes a good idea to try out a few concepts on a smaller scale to see what's most effective. This helps you get the absolute best bang for your marketing buck.

15. Proof of Performance Reporting

After each completed campaign GoGORILLA Media will provide you with a detailed online completion report including summary, photos, location list and relevant statistics.