Street Team Tips

1. Hire for personality, not looks.

The #1 most important guideline we offer our clients is to hire your Brand Ambassadors, aka Street Teams, aka GoMODELS for their outgoing and friendly personalities and not just for their looks. Of course looks matter, but the outgoing, friendly and engaging personalities of your Brand Ambassadors are much more important factors which lead to a successful Street Team Promotion.


2. Attire Makes a Big Difference

Many of our clients book Street Teams and treat the issue of attire as an afterthought at the last minute. We think this is a mistake. As they say "you only get one chance to make a great first impression", and this is your best shot to convey your brand's quality image. GoGORILLA recommends printing high quality branded-both-sides T-Shirts, embroidered caps, sample bags featuring your brands colors in bold, easy to read type. Also, try to standardize the pants and shoes of your Team to create a more cohesive look.


3. Motivate Your Brand Ambassadors

It's one thing to hire a group of attractive, personable and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, throw a branded T-Shirt on them and think you have a Street Team ready to go. In fact, MOTIVATING YOUR TEAM is a key ingredient, and one which many brand marketers forget all about. So what's the key to motivating the team?

1) Get them enthusiastic about your product, they need to be convinced it's the best thing since sliced bread,

2) Train the team on how to convey the brand's benefits,

3) Make sure the team leader is someone the whole team can rally behind.


4. Team Size Matters

Chose team size based on occasion. You want to reach as many people as possible in your target area during the street team shift. Times Square in New York may see more than 100,000 visitors, while your local farmer's market only see a few hundred. In some instances it may be favorable do to a smaller team for an extended period of time, for example when you want to reach commuters in particular areas.


5. Arm your team with Talking Points

"Sir, do you have 5 minutes to talk about...." will not work. GoGORILLA Media will deliver something, short, sweet, fun and intriguing to grab people's attention. Once we have that, it's time for a world class call to action. And with the help of solid talking points our street teams will confidently be able to answer most questions about your product or service.


6. Collateral Makes a Big Difference

The collateral we distribute plays a major role in your return on investment. Make sure you have appropriate contact information on the hand outs; URL where they can find more information, where is your nearest physical location, phone number, email etc. Use language appropriate for your target audience; don't make literature too technical, or vice versa if you are reaching out to a specialized audience.


7. Add Novelty When Possible

Stand out and make people take notice of your street team. This can be achieved in numerous ways; like the example below with pink wigs and historical attire, morph suits, costumes, oversized balloons, walking billboards, funny hats, bikinis, temporary tattoos, body art, uniforms, bright colors, new and trendy gear and much much more.


8. Special Offers Help

Incentivize the consumer to try out your product or service with coupons or special offers. Even if the consumer does not immediately take action, just the mere perceived value of flyer or coupon with a special offer makes it more likely that the consumer hangs on to it, in case they want to make a purchase in the future.


9. Samples and Give-Aways

People absolutely love free stuff: samples and give-aways are no brainers when it comes to winning people's attention. And why make the consumer responsible for seeking out your product to try in the future, when you can sample it right there on the spot? Branded Give-Aways are terrific when it comes to spreading your name recognition. People will hold on the the branded swag, show other people, and associate your brand with the street team interaction where they got a free gift!


10. Focus Efforts on the Target Audience

An effective street team knows their target audience, and when and where to find them. If you are targeting sport fans Sunday tailgating is great, if you are selling high end weekend getaways we might recommend evening commuters on Wall Street, if you are releasing a new book, let's give out free download samples to beach goers.


 11. Time of Day & Location Matter

The optimal location can make or break a campaign. With over 22 years of nationwide street team campaigns under our belt, we are more than happy to offer our expertise when it comes to selecting locations and hours for your event, no matter what market.


12. iPads for Surveys and Sign-Ups

iPads are a terrific tool for conducting surveys, sign-ups, demonstrating apps, and playing video clips. Add a credit card reader and we can offer your product for sale on the spot!


13. Set High Standards of Performance

We have experience like no other company when it comes to hiring, training and managing street teams. Our brand ambassadors are an extension of your brand, and we understand the great responsibility that comes with that. You can count on GoGORILLA Media to provide punctual, well-groomed and well-dressed staff that are knowledgeable about your brand.


14. Test the Campaign

Before launching a larger, nationwide campaign, it is sometimes a good idea to try out a few concepts on a smaller scale to see what's most effective. This helps you get the absolute best bang for your marketing buck.


15. Proof of Performance Reporting

After each completed campaign GoGORILLA Media will provide you with a detailed online completion report including summary, photos, location list and relevant statistics.